In the rush of life, have decades passed by,
amidst various liabilities, seldom I got to tell you..
what I always wanted to say & hence this Monther’s day,
I’ve written a poem, in an attempt to surprise you 😉


 You have always been more than a mother to me..
a friend, a guide – every time I looked up to!
Can’t thank you enough for your sacrifices, including ,
quitting your job, when at zenith of career, were you


Besides being a wonderful mom, you’re a bundle of talent!
God’s unique creation you are! -In my eye-view!
A scientist, a master-chef, a painter, an ikebana artist,
my childhood tailor & tutor – just to list a few 😉


“You won’t find time, you need to make time for things”
Is what I have learnt seeing you, as I grew!
A boss at work, a wife & mom at home!
Never tired of anything! Always as fresh as morning dew!


You never ever failed to do your share,
You are my inspiration! Oh, did I ever tell you?
I wonder how you manage everything with perfection
I Wish!!! I really wish I could BE LIKE YOU!


O wow – I just wrote a poem for you Mommy 😛 Please excuse the rhyming if it did not turn out well… Poetry is not my cup of tea, but felt like writing a poem for my mom today 🙂 This is a day to speak our hearts out and to tell our moms how special they are- so why not do it through a poem! 😉  I know we don’t necessarily need to wait for this day to express ourselves every year! Appreciating mom is something we must do every chance we get. But somehow in our busy schedules we miss doing it… 🙁

Hence, to compensate for that, I have something special for my mom in this post! Thanks to fbb for coming up with is fabulous idea of “Twinning with Mom” – a wonderful way of telling our moms that they are our true inspirations !

So without a second thought, I pulled out a picture of my mom that she got clicked in 1984 during her business trip to Denmark. I take the pride in saying that my mom is someone who has excelled in every field of life- be it her hobbies or her career or her role as mother/wife/daughter/sister… she has always given more than 100% ! Hence I can never be anywhere close to what she is! So I won’t say “I am like her”- No where close! I just made a little attempt to copy her look – with a slight variation 😉

Why Did I pick this one in particular?

Well, my mom is not much into makeup or jewelry or even fashionable outfits for that matter. However, I sense an element of elegance in  her fashion ensembles that she ends up creating without her knowledge.

In this picture she paired up a white denim with a dusty pink long top and beautifully layered it with a fur hooded black coat – Such a classy combination, isn’t it? Honestly, styling white denims is something not many of us are comfortable with, even today and she pulled off this look back in 1984! Like, before I was born and even before she was married(I think… excuse my memory 😐 )

So that made me recreate this one! And now moving on to the twinning part!

Twinning with My Mom!

I don’t own a fur hooded coat like the one mom wore in the pic for the simple reason that in India (especially in the south), it never ever gets too cold to actually wear these lovely winter outfits. So I decided to pick a long black shrug instead! To replicate the fur hood I threw on a fur scarf which mom got me from Bangkok a few years ago and I love this one!! Mum, look I used it in my blog – I told you I will 😀 !  Luckily I have a dusty pink dress and a pair of white denims which I happily copied without any brain-storming! 😀

And last but indeed not the least – to add my “mom’s touch” to the look I wore spectacles (borrowed ones though) and tied my hair (which I hardly ever do)!! And finally after trying my variations, I ended up looking like an advocate 😐 which wasn’t quite intended! Never mind! I hope I did some justice to the colour-combo which was my favourite part of the look !

So.. what’s My Mom’s Reaction?

Well I haven’t showed it to her yet.. so let’s hear it from her together, in the comments section below (provided she reads this post sometime soon 😛 )! I quite enjoyed twinning with my mom! Do let me know how you all liked it.. Of course that was not the end of my Mother’s Day celebration! I took mommy for shopping to fbb and got her some of these clothes that she really loved!

Thank you for posing for me Maa.. I know this isn’t your thing and still you did it for me 🙂 which is really cute of you. Thanks again! And guys, do take your mom to fbb for shopping this week as I believe she’ll love the new collection (especially ethnic ones)! In case you can’t make it this week, here’s a good news! Shop online from fbb’s website and get flat 25% off on various range of clothes! So grab your favourite stuff ! I hope you all liked the post and I hope my mom likes it too!!

Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s day Mumma!!! You never miss a chance to pamper me no matter how old I get! I hope I made good use of my turn to pamper you a little bit!  Hope you like this little surprise.. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from your daughter!!

2 thoughts on “BE LIKE YOU!

  1. Excellent. My cutest daughter I am always proud of as you are 100 times more creative compared to me be it in the field of education, art, ikebana, technology ,looks ,fashion, music, dance, martial arts and many more. Please keep it up . I wish you super success in your life in every field you wish. You are really God gifted and blessed. Please keep it up. MY SWEET and CUTEST daughter – I am proud of being your mother. GOD BLESS YOU.

    1. Thank you soooooooo much Mumma!! As usual you are praising me more than I deserve… but it feels amazing to make you proud 🙂 Thanks a lot for all your support in every thing and your love!! Love youuuuuuuu

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