Are You Ready To #DropThePants this summer???

Are You ready to #DropThePants???  –  Yes? No? What???

LOL- With this coolest hashtag ever, that FBB came up with for its new campaign, I’m sure they got all possible reactions from across the country, ‘what?’ being the most common one! So for all of you wondering what is #DropThePants campaign all about, here is answer…

Oh wait, did you hear the breaking news?? In case you missed the video I shared on my social media, check it our before we proceed – It might have the answer 😉

So now that Vir Das has revealed the secret behind #DropThePants , let’s learn more about it! This super cool campaign, started by FBB a week ago is for the celebration of World Shorts Day which was on 23rd of April. FBB launched a huge collection of shorts starting from Rs.499, on this day in Mens, Women’s and Kid’s section in wide range of colors, prints and fabric coz FBB believes that Summers are for Colors, Summers are for Comfort and Summers are for SHORTS!!

The campaign with Hash tag #DropThePants was a huge success across all social media platforms and it drew attention of lot of people across the globe! FBB also held a contest on the official website, which I mentioned about on my FB, Instagram and Twitter pages, where they would giveaway couple passes to 10 Lucky Winners for a trip to GOA ! Hope you all have registered for it!

Moving on to the collection! Here’s a video to give you a peek into the amazing collection that FBB has launched this Summer! Hope you like the post. Do leave in your feedback in the comments section below! 🙂 And don’t forget to visit your nearest FBB store this week to pick your favourite short!! So people, it really is time to beat the heat by Dropping your pants and grabbing a super duper cool pair of shorts!! Go for it babe!!




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