Happy New Year!

A new year, A new Beginning!

A warm welcome to all my lovely readers! I wish you all a very very happy New Year, 2017. I hope your new year started with a bang and you all are still sticking on to your new year resolutions 😉 !

Well like many of you I also believe that a new calendar year is just a new ‘date’ and everything else around us remains the same. But again, it is all in our minds and it totally depends on how we perceive things! So why not take the first page of the new calendar as a new beginning and get started with new things? Well, I did give that a try this year!

My existing readers might have already noticed that there’s a change in my blog’s theme! Well, yes.. that’s one of the new stuffs I have been refering to 😉 I cleaned up some of the old posts and gave a new look to my blog 🙂

To continue with the list, I would like to Announce my collaboration with FBB – Fashion @ Big Bazaar, a prestigious brand of Future group, as an official blogger -Yayy. This probably is gonna be one of the most exciting things about 2017 for me and so, it certainly  calls for a celebration, doesn’t it? 😉

We received VIP passes for Sunburn Arena, held in Hyderabad, from FBB (as the brand is the style partner of Sunburn’17) to celebrate the begining of this amazing collaboration! I must say it was truly an amazing experience swaying with the Electronic Dance Music (EDM)! I am not as such a  fan of EDM but David Guetta, one of the biggest names, that people hear when it comes to EDM, made me fall in love with it!


Sunburn, that originally started in GOA, eventually made its way to Pune, driving people crazy with the 4-day long music festival this year! Following which, the ‘Sunburn Arena’ a half day fest loaded with Afro Jack music, food & drinks has started in various cities where the best of the DJs (David Guetta and DJ Anish this time) travel to these cities and create their magic in the air! Here is the schedule for this month:

Don’t miss this festival if it takes place in your city! It surely will refresh your mind, bringing down your stress level and getting you ready for the stressful days to come! Was that that too much? lol, anyway.. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I’ll get back with more on Sunburn soon!

Leaving you with some pictures from this #FreakingBloodyBrilliant event! Keep rocking!!



Oh.. By the way.. that was my makeup look for the event 🙂 🙂








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